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Final Embrace is a hand-knit shroud created by Lorraine in the style and material of the traditional Aran Island fisherman’s sweaters.  These traditional garments possessed one-of-a-kind cable knit patterning that was unique to a family. The distinct patterns were used to identify drowned fishermen who washed ashore.  Lorraine has designed a unique cable knit “xoxo” identification pattern for the shroud, which is to be worn by Howard upon his death.

Once in a Blue Moon is the companion piece created by Howard. It is comprised of well over 1000 shotgun shells that are loaded with Lorraine’s entire deconstructed wedding dress.  The fragments are folded into each shell in place of the lead shot. All but 21 of the red shells contain memories of Lorraine, written by Howard, on slips of paper. These are visible through the translucent wall of the shells.  The 21 remaining shells, marked with an alternating x o pattern, contain life wishes written by Lorraine.  From the total mass, these 21 shotgun shells are to be fired into the air at the first blue moon following Lorraine’s death. 

Artillery salutes originated at sea where most early naval ships had only seven cannons.  Naval ships desiring to show harmless intent would empty their cannons by firing them out to sea. This later evolved into an act of respect and honor for fallen sailors.  The 21-gun salute evolved from this tradition and is reserved for only the highest military honors.  A blue moon is the rare occurrence in which full moons “couple,” both occurring in one month.