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  333 Fathoms

I am collecting written statements, letters, wishes, and thoughts directed to loved ones now deceased.  These can be things you didn't get a chance to say to someone before they died or you just wish they could know now.  They will be displayed, so first names only, nicknames (Mom, Grandpa, etc.) can be used if you prefer anonymity.  I will provide small slips of prepped paper and pens.  You can write on both sides of the slips if you wish.

Later, I will bottle, cork, and seal these with burgundy bottle wax.  Connected by hand braided wool yarn to each bottle will be a stack of three perfect skipping rocks collected from Cohasset beach on the Washington coast.  My plan is to collect 333 such messages in bottles (I call these fathoms) and exhibit them periodically (while collecting more letters) until just before July 31, 2015, the next blue moon.  At this time, I will uncork and remove the notes from their formal display bottles, roll the paper tightly, re-attach a rock via the wool yarn, and dip the rolled up letter in a molten beeswax tree pitch mix that, when solidified, is strong, transparent, water-tight, and buoyant.  

Upon the next blue moon, and after entombing the notes in beeswax, I will bring the 333 anchored letters 40 to 50 miles off the Washington coast to the edge of the continental shelf.  Then, at 2000 feet (333.333 fathoms), I will slip them into the sea one at a time.  

No bottles, corks, or petroleum-based bottle wax will go into the ocean.  Stones, collected on the shore directly east from where they will be submerged, wool, paper, and the beeswax mix are the only materials to be released into the sea.